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Aloha Muerte

Toxic Fez Limited Edition of 6

Toxic Fez Limited Edition of 6

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Embark on a mysterious tiki journey with the "Toxic Fez", a limited edition collaboration by Jacob Medina and Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker. Hand-painted with intricate details using glass paint and adorned with automotive enamel accents, this 22-ounce masterpiece weighs 2 lbs, making it a rare gem for collectors.

With only six in existence, the Toxic Fez is more than a mug; it's an invitation to an exclusive realm of tropical intrigue. Let its enigmatic charm transport you to an exotic hideaway, where sips from this captivating vessel are the key to unlocking untold stories.

While the Toxic Fez is a stunning display piece for your tiki bar, we recommend it be treated with care. Mostly designed for showcasing its artistic brilliance, this limited edition mug should only undergo a light hand wash to preserve its intricate details. Elevate your tiki experience with this whimsical, must-have addition to your collection. Secure your piece of the mystery – the Toxic Fez awaits. Cheers to secrets unveiled!

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