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Aloha Muerte

Son of Kaan Tiki Mug Turquoise

Son of Kaan Tiki Mug Turquoise

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Meet the Son of Kaan – the mug that's ready to add a pop of vibrant charm to your sipping routine! Standing at a sleek 7.5 inches with a captivating turquoise gloss glaze, this mug is not just a beverage companion – it's a statement piece.

One side showcases the majesty of a Mayan deity, while the other exudes the laid-back charm of a Hawaiian tiki. With a generous 24-ounce capacity, the Son of Kaan is not your ordinary mug; it's a heavyweight in the drinkware game, ready to handle your favorite drinks with panache.

Shipping in a custom box, this treasure is a breeze to gift-wrap. Double boxed for protection with layers of bubble wrap and packing peanuts, the Son of Kaan arrives at your doorstep in style. Elevate your sipping game with the Son of Kaan – where ancient vibes meet island coolness in every refreshing sip!

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