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Aloha Muerte

Shrunk'n Monk Tiki Mug Red Fez

Shrunk'n Monk Tiki Mug Red Fez

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Get ready to swing into party mode with the Shrunk'n Monk Tiki Mug – it's a wild adventure in a cup! Standing at 7.5 inches tall with a base circumference that puts other mugs to shame (14 inches!), this mug is a showstopper.

Packing a punch with a 22-ounce capacity, the Shrunk'n Monk is not just a mug; it's your ticket to flavor town! It ships fast, arriving in a custom box that's practically begging to be unwrapped. Double boxed with layers of bubble wrap and packing peanuts, this mug knows how to travel.

And here's the kicker – each mug is hand-signed by the artist for that personal touch! So, grab your fez and get ready to sip in style with the Shrunk'n Monk – where the adventure never stops!

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