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Aloha Muerte

Pacific Mystic Blush

Pacific Mystic Blush

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Introducing the Pacific Mystic Blush, a 22-ounce tiki mug standing 7.5 inches tall, where the whimsy of Hawaiian and Mexican cultures converge in a dual-sided masterpiece. Crafted by the collaborative genius of Jacob Medina and Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker, this limited edition mug is a true work of art.

One side features a mischievous Hawaiian tiki holding his tongue, while the other showcases a skeletal Mexican god with a mysterious third eye. Each detail is brought to life with vibrant glass paint and accents of automotive enamel.

Designed not just for sipping but also as a stunning display piece, the Pacific Mystic Blush invites you to explore the enigmatic realms of Pacific cultures. Due to its artistic detailing, we recommend a gentle hand wash to preserve its unique charm.

Elevate your tiki bar with this harmonious fusion of tradition and transcendence. Secure your piece of mystic history and let the Pacific Mystic Blush tell tales of Hawaiian whimsy and Mexican mysticism with every pour!

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