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Aloha Muerte

Skeleton Surfing

Skeleton Surfing

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Embrace the perilous dance of the waves in 'Boneyard,' where the term echoes the heartbeat of daring surfers navigating the treacherous impact zone. Here, the ocean's embrace is both captivating and ominous, as the breaking waves over shallow reefs create a symphony of risk and reward.

In this vibrant artwork, 'Boneyard' becomes a captivating fusion, intertwining the spirited essence of Mexican Day of the Dead iconography with the deep-rooted traditions of Hawaiian culture. It's a visual ode to the shared pulse that binds these two cultures—geographically distant yet spiritually connected through their profound relationship with the ever-rolling tides. Dive into the canvas, where skeletons surf in a dance of life and death, echoing the daring spirit of those who challenge the relentless power of the ocean. 'Boneyard' transcends a mere artistic expression; it is a testament to the shared adventure between cultures and the vibrant energy that pulsates beneath the surface of the canvas.

Canvas Prints

Indulge in the allure of high-quality Canvas Print inkjet reproductions that capture the essence of the original work. Each canvas print is hand-signed, ready to hang, and gallery-wrapped around a 1.5" stretcher bar frame. Almost as beautiful as the original, these prints promise longevity to your art collection. Please anticipate a shipping time of up to two weeks, as custom stretcher bars are meticulously crafted, and the Giclee is stretched upon order.

Metal Prints                 

Choose from three different size options to elevate your space with these highly attractive metal prints.  This high-definition artwork boasts vivid colors, superior quality, and true archival durability. Its reflective surface captures light, making the image glow across the room, demanding attention.  These prints are ready to hang with a hanging wire and come on black mount that make the art look likes it's floating off the wall. 

Paper Prints

Enhance your space in the magic of museum-quality prints featuring pigment-based inks on archival, Luster paper. Hand-signed and delicately wrapped in a clear sleeve, each print is backed with a stiff backing board. With a white border, these prints are ready to frame, providing a seamless addition to your decor in standard frame sizes.

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